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Welcome to Badge Reels HQ, the number one place to find all the information you could need on badge reels! It doesn’t matter what industry you work in.

You could be a nurse. You could be a security guard. Perhaps you are even a school teacher. Any type of location that requires for you to identify yourself on a regular basis will ask you to wear an I.D. Badge. Having an I.D. card clipped to your shirt is somewhat annoying.

You know what saves the day?  A good old badge reel, and that’s what I’ve come to talk about.  So without further ado, I’d like to welcome you to the…

Badge Reels Headquarters!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten to work and forgotten my badge. They wouldn’t let me even enter the premises. And even if they had, I wouldn’t have been able to clock in and record the fact that I was actually there working. So I thought it’d be a good idea to pick up a lanyard. Nope, not any better. I’d forget it just as much as before. So I began hanging it on my rear view mirror in my car and that solved the problem.

However, there was still another problem that was pretty annoying to have to deal with four or five times a day. Every time I wanted to enter my work place, I had to scan my badge to show that I was an approved visitor.

That sucked to have to flip up my collar, take off my lanyard, scan it, replace it on my neck, and get my shirt all situated again. How annoying! Finally, one of my co-workers showed me the solution to the problem.

Badge Reels Save The Day!

He showed me this little medallion of sorts he wore on his lanyard. He called it a badge reel and rather than explain what it does, he simply showed me. He grabbed his I.D. card, which was attached to his badge reel rather than his shirt or straight to his lanyard, and simply pulled on it. What happened blew my mind!

His badge reel simply extended with a string and he was able to scan his card without issue. It retracted right back up into the badge reel and he was on his way while I was still messing about with my collar!  I know this is nothing new to a lot of you, but it revolutionized my work experience! I felt a bit more cool and official as I walked about with my new badge reel.

Think about this. Say we shave off 10 seconds of time between trying to enter the premises and clocking in. That’s really nothing. But do that five times a day over 52 weeks and let’s see what we have… That’s 13,000 seconds, or just under 217 hours!

Badge Reels Save You Money!

So imagine this… You will be clocked in for an additional 217 hours in your work year. Let’s assume you make per hour. That’s a savings of ,255 dollars per year!

You think nothing of it, but I guarantee you the payroll of the company you work for notices and doesn’t supply you with badge reels for free! And why should they? It would cost them money to purchase them and cost them even more to pay all of you guys for working those extra 50 seconds a day. How incredible is that?

Additional Badge Reel Savings!

Here are some other ways badge reels can save you money. Think about how many times you have to raise your arms, bend over slightly, and creak your neck just to scan your badge time after time every day. That wear and tear on your muscles and tendons and bones will have you purchasing arthritis and pain medicine just to keep you feeling good throughout your entire career! Or you could just snap a badge reel on your breakaway lanyard and be good to go!

Badge Reels Look Official!

The human mind is a funny thing. Our psychology is highly influenced by symbols. We live in a social hierarchy we create for ourselves, unfortunately a lot of the times subconsciously. Wearing a lanyard is one thing, but to wear a badge reel on it somehow symbolizes a position of power and respect for a lot of people. I promise you, if you wear a badge reel, stand up very straight, and talk in a confident tone, you will begin to be treated far differently than you are used to being treated. People will respect your opinion and even seek you out to be their new friend. And nobody really understands why because they don’t take the time to think about it. But it’s all psychology my friends.

Corporate Branding on a Badge Reel!

The cool thing for any business who wants to provide their employees with badge reels can purchase them in bulk. And a lot of times when you buy in bulk, you can get branding done for free or for very little additional charge For instance, you can get your logo printed or stickered on the front of every badge reel as a way to raise awareness of your company, or help push your logo into the minds of everyone who sees it over and over again. This can help create employee loyalty as well, as they feel honored to be wearing the logo of their employers.

Welcome to Badge Reels Headquarters!

Badge reels are a wonderful creation. The mechanism for their functionality is nothing more than a wound up spring and a spindle to wrap up the string, but they save so much time, energy, health, and money. I can’t think of many more simple and efficient inventions ever. Maybe Velcro, but that’s nowhere near as respectful and official looking as badge reels are.

Badge Reels HQ will continue to be updated with new material for you to look over in your quest to find the perfect badge reel to fit your personality. There are many build options and color options, and once you fit it with the perfect lanyard, you will be in good shape. Make sure you match the color to the colors used on your I.D. badge so it all really clicks together for you. You will look so cool.

Use the navigation on the side bar to check out all of the other material available for you to read. Thank you for visiting the one and only Badge Reels HQ and I hope the info provided here will impact your career forever!